Secrets of Smart Borrowing – Loans

Many people think of some great magic, extra tricks, complicated math formulas when it comes to finding the best credit. You don’t really have to think about such devil, you just have to do the following precisely and accurately. Read carefully!

Prepare yourself well!

money loan

The first most important thing is not to buy a home ad hoc , because it can be up to millions of forints. Many people make the biggest mistake here and jump into a high credit, which carries many dangers over the long term, almost without thought. In addition, you will almost certainly have to pay more than we would have thoughtfully prepared.

Not to mention that many are on the KHR list (formerly the BAR list), which basically excludes any bank from giving us credit. So strangely enough, it is part of the preparation to safeguard our creditworthiness.

Build Your Own Strength

money loan

Going by a very simple logic, the less we borrow, the less money we have to repay. There are a number of techniques that can save you high equity.

This includes, for example, state-subsidized housing savings, the housing savings fund . 30% of our payments, up to HUF 72,000 a year, can be worth our mark. We can raise 1.3 million forints over a 4-year period, but if we use the loan installment, we have 3.2 million forints. In addition, we can start not only one contract, but even more within the family. Let’s say we have 5.2 million for 4 contracts (only with our own savings) in 4 years , and we can borrow up to 20 million forints.

From there, there are only “little things” left over, such as credit pre-qualification (which you can read more about here ), choosing the right loan with the help of the credit calculator. So there is no need to think about magic, just prevention thinking. If you have any questions about getting ready for a loan, or already about borrowing, contact us! We will give you all the help we can.