Our Olympic Athletes and Prep Time

We surprised our Olympic athletes with something incredibly intuitive and helpful for their training rooms. Often times coaches are found scribbling notes on pads of paper or trying to splash new thoughts onto a tablet or laptop. However, there is something lost in translation when the team is trying to gather around this thought process and they are limited by the thought tools at hand.

The answer? (and the surprise…)

Covering the walls of their training rooms with whiteboard paint from ReMARkable. A wonderful concept indeed. Turn any surface you want into a white board simply by applying the coatings from the remarkable DIY kits. Amazingly simple, yet profound in its ability to entirely change the room and change the brainstorming abilities of a team. No longer does the team find itself inhibited by tools or technology, but now finds itself bursting with thought that explodes out onto the walls.

Its been fun watching the team in their new whiteboard paint splashed facilities, and I’m sure it will have an incredible effect on performance and originality in their performances to come.

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