Credit for fitted kitchen

Are you looking for an uncomplicated and low-interest loan for your fitted kitchen? Are you still undecided which loan offer you choose? Or is the question of whether credit is granted at all?

We support your loan search with information on equipment loans that match your personal credit rating. Of course, there is a particularly wide range of loan offers with good credit ratings. We will briefly present interesting offers to you and also deal with credit requests in the case of poor creditworthiness.

Credit for the fitted kitchen – spoiled for choice

Credit for the fitted kitchen - spoiled for choice

Quality kitchens last a long time, but it is well known that quality always has its price. For a beautiful new built-in kitchen with high-quality energy-saving built-in appliances, 15,000 USD and more are quickly on the bill. The bill is to be paid with a loan for the fitted kitchen. The only question is, which loan offer with a good credit rating is particularly low-interest? An ordinary installment loan? The kitchen studio loan?

We propose homeowners a loan without a land register (modernization loan) for particularly low-interest financing of the kitchen. The room must be renovated anyway before the new fitted kitchen moves in. At the latest when the amateur cook imagines his beautiful new kitchen in the worn tile decor of the 70s, the renovation decision is made. At the same time, the supply lines that will no longer be accessible could be replaced.

Preparing the room for the new built-in kitchen also costs a little, but after that everything is new. There is no longer any need to make improvements for the next 20 years. The trick is to apply for the loan for the fitted kitchen as a renovation loan without a land register. Financing is offered at extremely low interest rates through earmarking. – But, at most credit institutions, it not only covers the pure renovation costs.

Why is it cheap?

Why is it cheap?

The loan can usually be used for any investment in the maintenance of the property. The built-in kitchen equipment counts as part of the property for all known loans without land register. Depending on how far the property has already been paid off, the current interest level is in some cases even less than two percent APR. A long-term loan for the kitchen could hardly be cheaper.

Installment loan for the fitted kitchen – loan comparison

Installment loan for the fitted kitchen - loan comparison

With good credit ratings, lending rates are cheaper than ever before. Nevertheless, additional savings can still be made. A loan comparison for the loan for the fitted kitchen should include all relevant regular installment loans as well as the manufacturer’s loan. Possible cash discount should also be included. Just like car loan, some kitchen manufacturers subsidize interest rates.

But you get the money back through the back door at reduced discounts. The bottom line is that the decisive factor who should ultimately be able to grant the loan should always be the result. Taking into account the cash payment discounts, mostly direct banks are ahead. A free credit comparison leads to a direct bank’s low-interest loan. But don’t just enter the loan amount and term. The earmarking for the purchase of the facility can also be noticed in the interest offer.

A realistic current interest rate level based on interest rates that are independent of creditworthiness is between three and four percent effective interest rate for the fitted kitchen loan. A credit tip for the term. Financing long-term and paying small, binding installments can make the RSV unnecessary. Most providers now allow free special repayments. If requested, the loan could then be paid back at top speed.

Poor credit rating – fast loan assistance

Poor credit rating - fast loan assistance

Tenants often have to pay for a fitted kitchen when taking over the apartment. Taking over the kitchen equipment is one of the prerequisites for moving in. In this case, no large loan amounts are required. In principle, the household budget could even afford a few hundred USD without a loan for the fitted kitchen. Only with the rent deposit and the move is it a bit tight. However, even when the credit limit has been reached, the modern credit market offers quick credit support.

With poor creditworthiness, low income and even despite credit bureau, a loan with payment within 24 hours would be possible. Vexcash from Berlin is a reputable provider of lightning credit. The first application is possible in connection with Videoident, so that the immediate loan payment remains realistic. First-time applicants can apply for a $ 100 up to $ 500 mini loan.

The term for initial loans is 30 days. If there is a further shortage of liquidity later, the borrower can look forward to an expanded offer. The loan would be possible with a payment within 30 minutes or even, provided there is sufficient creditworthiness, up to 3000 USD instant credit. For larger loan amounts, the repayment can be split up to 6 payments.

Private credit for the fitted kitchen

Private credit for the fitted kitchen

Regular commercial lenders only offer credit opportunities to people whose creditworthiness leaves no doubt about secure lending. Unfortunately, more and more people in Germany are excluded from the regular loan for the fitted kitchen. Precarious employment, temporary work and much more is responsible for this.

The credit portals Astro Finance and Best Bank have established an alternative credit market for difficult credit requests in Germany in recent years. Serious access to credit is offered by private investors. Private lenders often rate their credit decisions more riskily than banks. Numerous examples show that the loan required for the fitted kitchen can even be granted by the private if banks refuse.